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10 pointers for launching your campaign

These are just a few quick pointers on what to do when starting your campaign.

  1. Tell your story in 30 seconds! Try not to sound too robotic but have a quick and easy opener when speaking with constituents is key.

  2. Create a digital presence. In 2015, you need not just an informational website but an engaging one where voters can create an action. The same is said for active social media accounts.

  3. A good photograph. Get a good selection of photos done up of you at events and being active in the local area.

  4. Identify your campaign manager. You will need help organising your campaign, and won't be able to go it alone.

  5. Set up a system to log voter contact. In 2015, Excel is not the system...

  6. Get the electoral register.

  7. Work out what happened in previous elections in the area and figure out how many votes will be needed to win.

  8. Track and measure all voter contact.

  9. Announce in person, at a local party meeting, press releases, blogs, multiple social media posts, submit to local newspapers etc.

  10. Make sure not to announce on a holiday day or a very big news day if possible.

    This is by no means a definitive list but merely a few pointers on what should be looked at when launching a campaign. If you have any other ideas or pointers please get in touch!

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