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Latest Ecanvasser Feature Releases

Before 2016

FAQ's on our Canvassing Apps, iOS and Android:

Custom Fields release:

This function alows the user to add their own data about their voters. Richer data can now be imported about each voter in your voter file. There is no limits to the aount of custom fields you can add to your voter file. There is four types of custom fields - text, number, true/false and multiple choice. You can also add these custom fields through the app, otherwise they will automatically update to the app.



Our dashboard developed to include tabs for Maps, Issues, Email and many others. This became the coordination centre for campaign management and allowed administrators to design workflows and see the affect of their team's work.

Turf Analytics:

Turfs are the most important unit of canvassing operations so we created analytics specific to turfs. This gives the field directors the insight into what is happening at a granular level and identify stronghold and swing areas.

Team Management:

Teams are created and color coded in Ecanvasser with specific turfs assigned to them. A variety of team specific analytics can be viewed for the purposes of team management.

Issue Tab:

The issues tab was developed to enhance the user experience and functionality of casework management for your campaign staff. Issues can be tracked as free-text or #issues. Individual issues can be assigned a priority level and passed to a team member to follow up with. All communications, notes and email threads were maintained in a casefile for easy retrieval.

Campaign Per Schema:

Campaign per schema was a database overhaul to improve the speed of the system overall and to improve caching of data.



Soild CRM:

Product stability in the field was critical to campaign success and so our team focussed a lot of their efforts on ensuring bugs and database issues were minimized for future releases of the product.


The look and feel of the map view on Ecanvasser was changed....for the better.

Enhanced Support Chat:

Moving to 16 hours a day dedicated support chat was important for managing customer support across our target markets. Intercom's chat functionality improved to allow us to deliver support documentation directly to customers at the time that they needed it, improving the user experience with the app and dashboard products.


Leader by Ecanvasser was an innvoation to meet the demand of larger organizations that wanted to run multiple campaigns at a regional or national level and have both granular and aggregated views on campaign data.

Advanced Filtering:

Filtering and segmentation of database contacts were improved to include saved filters and other user experience enhancements


Email marketing analytics were overhauled to deliver the right information communicated to the campaign team.

Voter Merge:

One of the most demanded features over the last few years was the ability to merge voter files. You can learn more about the process here.

Database Security:

Increased security protocols were installed to protect the integrity of voter data, permission access for campaign team members.


Material Design:

Following the trend in 2018 of making every user interface familiar, we opted to introduce Material design.

Streamlines Canvass:

User experience around the canvassing app was improved with a reduction in canvasser clicks to get work done and a change to the flow of canvassing UI that better reflected real-world condition on the doorstep.

Ecanvasser Go:

A lighter canvassing app designed for on-street canvassing and surveys was released to meet the demans of the campaigns without any voter data files or jurisdictions with very restrictive data privacy laws.

1-Click Onboarding:

Text messages were installed as the preferred method of onboarding new customers, reducing the number of clicks for new volunteers and canvassers to a campaign team. One click brought a new recruit to signup and downloaded the app for them to their device.

Privacy Dashboard:

As part of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements, Ecanvasser built a privacy dashboard that managed privacy setting for voters, nominating why each data point was being gathered


Consent to further contact and data points being held by a campaign team was captured with e-signature on mobile apps. This innovation ensures compliance wih data protection legislation.

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