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5 Reasons Why Canvassing Software Can Help You With Direct Sales

Direct sales canvassing is big business and it experiences many of the same challenges of political canvassing. What are the key elements to a successful direct sales canvassing drive? Here’s our Top 5.

Here's why:

Targeting Your Market

Using advanced technology allows you to evaluate first what type of target consumers you want to tap in your area. Choose a group that isn’t yet heavily bombarded by other rivals in the same industry. By using a mobile software you can customize your own surveys based on what are their particular needs or wants. For example, if you want to venture into cosmetics, are there a huge number of female recipients living in your community who are using these beauty products? These are some of the criteria you have to consider before finalizing your products to sell.

Observe Time Management

Going door to door for sales means you have to place a lot of trust in your vendors, some may be very flexible (too flexible) with their time management. Some direct sellers also miscalculate their time availability, often leading to missing client calls, delaying scheduled meetings that could bring potential sales or worst of all, being behind your monthly sales target because of not being able to prioritize appointments. To prevent this mishap from happening, a responsible direct seller must follow a detailed list of things to do in a day. Proper time management is essential for your business to operate at its best. Learn to balance everything and manage your time accordingly to the level of the task’s urgency to make room for more sales. This can all be done by a tracker or task assignments on an app.

Be In Control

A bit like the Wizard Of Oz, you can control everything from behind the curtain with mobile technology. Operating off the dashboard allows you to feed information directly to the mobile apps of your sales force.

Taking the lead is often the key to a successful endeavor. If you think you possess the needed traits and selling skills to direct a sales group or team, don’t be afraid to take full responsibility and carry on with your marketing motives of making more sales.

Set Yourself Apart From The Competition

Make an entrance that will make the market take notice. These days, it’s easy for companies to be over dependent on technology, especially when it comes to reaching consumers. But often, consumers can be easily overwhelmed by the sheer volume of those methods. Smartly canvassing allows your company to conduct field marketing research face-to-face. An undoubtedly human experience, canvassing will make your company stand out against the sea of technological noise. They’ll remember the person and conversation, and your company will bridge the ever widening gap between consumer and provider.

Being An Overall Better Salesperson

Direct sales have always thrived on condensing messages into highly portable and professional storytelling mediums and conducting the business-end with equally well-constructed business tools. So new technologies will continue to change the direct selling experience. It’s unavoidable.

Mobile devices will continue to evolve and enter the marketplace. Data networks will continue to get faster and achieve greater accessibility and availability. Consumer habits will continue to be influenced by the changing landscape of mobile web browsing technology (especially with the wave of new tablets), as will their expectations and demand. E-commerce on mobile platforms will inevitably develop along with the proliferation of mobile devices, and the direct selling industry can’t be left behind.

Distributors are already looking for technology that can augment their historical dependency on physical media. Salespeople and other road warriors across industries are turning to tablets such as the iPad to not only replace their laptops but also to replace their order book, day planner and sample case.

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