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Advanced: Knowing Who Is Behind The Door With Ecanvasser

So you’ve downloaded your walk list to your device and you are out in the field. Now you want to know who is behind the door that you are about to knock on.

On the iOS app you can simply click on the Houses tab, People tab or on the Map to get through to the voter profile information on Ecanvasser.

Learning even more about the voter is literally at hand as you can see, navigating from the People and House tab is easily done by clicking on the information icon.

From the People tab, we scrolled down to find that Fiona Richey was the occupant of the next house we were due to visit. Clicking on the information icon by Fiona's name showed us her preferred method of contact, party affiliation and so on.

The same is true for searching through the Map page, click on the information icon on a specific house and all the info of Anthony Circle will appear just as Fiona's did.

On the Android app, if your priority is to have voter profile info in front of you as you navigate around the walk list, you more than likely will be working with your assigned group on the Group tab. This is where it differs from the IOS app.

We will be working through the Lower Mulholland group as seen in the image above. When you click on the group, you can see the houses you must target.

Two houses are signaled to be called back to, but to learn more about the occupants you click into the house.

As you can see below, Alex Martin is one occupant of such house. To learn more about Alex and to help you remember your first visit you can click on the information icon next to his name.

Upon clicking on the icon, you delve a little deeper into your info on him. This gives the canvasser confidence when ringing the doorbell because he at least knows some background about the voter.

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