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Behind the Scenes: A Day in the Life of BT

Introducing Brendan Tobin, Head of Growth at Ecanvasser

Working at Ecanvasser every day is a new challenge. Some mornings you come in to find a client struggling with a particular aspect of the software, other times you have to find a way to communicate to an international client clearly, and sometimes, oddly for a software company, you have to roll up your sleeves and take on an internet troll!

As Head of Growth, I am responsible for a talented team of individuals encompassing Customer Success, Community Management, Sales, and Marketing. Despite the variety of roles, the end goal is the same for all of us, happy customers. Delivering this across time zones, languages and cultural norms is not easy but we relish the challenge. Delivering a sensible answer to “Take me, go I and canvass for 3 collegaues?” at 2 in the morning… also a challenge.

What's my favorite part of the job? Well, it's great working with such a huge variety of candidates and incumbents around the world. Jumping around from Sydney to California to Paris makes for a really fascinating window into the way politics is done globally.

It seems strange to think that I still haven’t hit the year mark since I started with Ecanvasser. It has gone really quickly but it is one of those things where, when you are learning new stuff all the time I feel like a lot has been packed into those 12 months.

Politicians come in for a lot of criticism in nearly every country but they are really great to work with from the point of view of being passionate about what they do while also being pragmatic about what is achievable. Even though I was never politically active in the traditional sense of campaigning I was, like a lot of people, always an interested observer of the drama of politics.

2016 has been a bumper year for drama so far, it just remains to be seen whether it turns to farce yet. I like to think, in helping campaigns do their business better, we are doing our bit to let politicians represent their voters the best they can.

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