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Top 5: For the Best US Election Coverage

We are only a couple of weeks out from the first of the primaries and we can see already that the media coverage surrounding the US Elections has ramped up. Hillary, Donald and Bernie are names we no longer can escape. After the South Carolina Democratic debate took place on Sunday, you may have found it difficult to cut through the noise and carefully decipher who won/lost due to hundreds of articles popping up everywhere.

Gaining attention as one of the most significant elections in the open era, here at Ecanvasser, we have been following the election coverage very carefully. We decided to put together our Top 5 Best sites to help you follow the US Presidential election.


We are big fans of this site, mainly, because you get to make your own predictions, all the while, still being kept up to date with the latest stats and polls.

270toWin allows you to map which states are leaning toward the left, which are leaning toward the right and which are undecided. It also provides a host of political news updates and information about Senate, House, and Governor Elections.

There’s also an iPad-exclusive app, which helps you find more information about your state’s political history as well as projected electoral vote counts for 2020 and 2024, and a whole host of factual information.


If you don’t know who Nate Silver is at this stage, we seriously question your interest in politics!

The bashing of data journalism is nothing new, but we think it certainly has its place in the media field and perhaps, an even bigger place in the political field. In an attempt to focus solely on objective analysis, it is the perfect place for a political novice to go and form their own opinions. Providing forecasts for most of the primaries (Nate Silver doing what he does best) and various bulletin updates, FiveThirtyEight is certainly keeping its finger on the pulse of the US Elections.

New York Times Interactive Tracker

Hello, cheat sheet! The New York Times Interactive Tracker shows you exactly who is running, who has dropped out and also goes into detail on what each candidate would need to do to win. Our favourite feature is probably the calendar which lists out the primaries and its past winners. Maybe not updated as frequently as we would like, it still gives you a good foothold in the basics of the current US political landscape. Giving this website a read will bring you up to speed in no time!

HuffPost Pollster

For the more experienced political aficionado among us, there is HuffPost Pollster. HuffPost Pollster tracks thousands of public polls to give you the latest data on elections, political opinions and more. For anyone who loves graphs, look no further, you may have just died and gone to heaven.


And last, but certainly not least, it’s the big guns - Twitter.

Still as important as it was in 2012, Twitter is holding its own against the all other social media tools (we’re looking at you Instagram). Nothing is more immediate than when a candidate tweets. The unfiltered thoughts of some of those seeking election have already ruffled a few feathers and we love it. Trump is the big draw here but Clinton, Cruz, Carson and Bush all provide their own source of entertainment. Bursting with fresh new links, photos and videos every second, you really can’t deny the power of the 140 characters.

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