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Europe Welcoming Campaign Technology: ALDE

Europe-wide political software

Ecanvasser has announced the agreement of a major pilot scheme with Europe’s third largest political alliance, the liberal-centrist Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe Group (ALDE).

The licensing agreement will see ALDE making the Ecanvasser canvassing tool available to all sixty parties affiliated with the Alliance. Currently, seven constituent parties have advanced to trial or adoption stage including those in Germany, Austria, Finland, Norway, and Poland. This number is expected to grow in coming months as the roll-out advances.

Digitizing political campaigns

ALDE are a very forward-thinking organization with regard for the digitization of politics. They realize that in order for ALDE to be successful in the European parliament they need to have candidates elected from their affiliated national parties. With this in mind, they hope to assist and develop the campaign abilities of all these parties. The best way they can do this is by providing a digital infrastructure for the parties that let them build a grassroots network and a core of support across Europe.

2019 European parliamentary elections

In 2019, European Parliament elections will take place and ALDE expects to have their member parties in good condition to fight these elections. Up to date voter databases, voter communication tools and methods of analyzing electoral data will modernize political campaigning. An increased representation for liberal candidates when the political climate in Europe is moving to the right would be a great success in 2019. The hope is to build on this success to further solidify support post-election.

Data protection for voters

According to founder Brendan Finucane “In addition to leveraging Ecanvasser’s voter engagement toolkit, parties will be looking to the platform to help them boost their data protection compliance ahead of the coming into force of the pan-European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) directive in May of next year.” GDPR legislation will require all parties to have a secure database of voter information and to either gain consent from individual voters to hold their information or else anonymise the data. All of this requires coordinated software systems that are managed by data protection officers. This fundamental change in the way politics goes about its business is another key reason for beginning this process for ALDE.

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