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Campaigning in Full Swing Down Under

July 2nd marks the day that the Australian people will decide the next government. Politics is fast becoming the main topic in the news globally and we owe a lot of that to the US Presidential race. The media sensation that is Trump may not have a similar counterpart down under but that doesn't mean the race is any less exciting.

Campaigning isn't hugely different in Australia, people still need the same level of communication and outreach as the rest of the world, this is why canvassing is such an undisputed, successful tool down under.

Malcolm Turnbull continues to trapeze across the country, seeking to defy the polls which show him down votes and fast becoming more unpopular which each passing day. The Coalition leader debated Labour leader Bill Shorten at the National Press Club on Sunday evening, discussing economic trust and both promising secure leadership and yet, the public was still a little confused about who to vote for.

With both leaders failing to address the questions posed to them, people took to Twitter to vent their anger, and as an Irish person I can empathize, there is nothing more frustrating than an unsatisfactory debate.

With Turnbull dealing with being labeled a "disappointment" in the eyes of the public, Shorten instead chose to emphasize Labour’s commitment to health, education and “fairness”. He also attacked the Coalition for their “$50 billion hand out to big business”, arguing that the government should be prioritizing investment in education rather than slashing tax rates for corporations.

Let us flip-flop to the usurped Tony Abbot, who we all know secretly wants his role as leader back (unlikely to happen). The gaff master back in the day is now facing off with former Australian Idol host James Mathison in Warringah - hang on a second, did we say this was not the same as the US election? Things are getting fairly celebrity all of a sudden in Oz with Mathison promising to run his campaign largely through Social media like the Donald.

But he will undoubtedly run into a lot of opposition as Abbot has held the seat for 22 years and has a considerable margin in the polls. The TV personality recently joined a group of hundreds of demonstrators who gathered at Moore Park to protest the removal of Moreton Bay Fig Trees along Anzac Parade.

The group was so massive that it caused traffic jams along both Anzac Parade and Alison Road, and at least three protesters were arrested after chaining themselves to the trees. The image above is of Mathison being led away by police.

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