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Canvassers: The Unsung Heroes Of Political Campaigns


Canvassers are the great unheralded soldiers of a political campaign team. The mix of campaign loyalty, salesperson magic and sheer graft that is required to make a successful canvasser is something that should be appreciated much more by candidates and campaign managers.

Our job at Ecanvasser is to help these ‘soldiers’ to do their job better and to allow campaign managers to capitalize on this work efficiently. How do we do this?

Simple field apps - nobody makes cleaner or simpler mobile canvassing apps.

Auto-syncing - all information syncs from the field app to the campaign dashboard. No carrying clipboards back to base, no transcription, no data entry, no mess.

Campaign messaging - canvassers should have the campaign message on their device to support them in the field. We deliver this directly to the canvass tab with Talking Points

Let’s celebrate the great work canvassers do!

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