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Locking Down The Vote

The knock knock effect , universally known as canvassing.

I’ll knock, you’ll listen and we both go away happy. Obtaining the vote isn’t so much a chore, as a goal for the lifetime canvasser. They seek to gain loyal supporters with every doorbell they ring and every argument they win and more often than not, the great ones win!

We already know that there is nothing more effective than getting face-to-face with potential supporters, yes, we have all read the studies. Therefore we have no problem again preaching about how important it is to organize your ground game early.

Being prepared is half the battle, so check out our Top 10 Tips for easy canvassing.

1. Training

Most canvassers who volunteer will already know why they lending a hand to your campaign. They will already be aware of the main points of your mandate but alway make sure they know more. Having a well trained and knowledgeable force will only strengthen your team.

Other useful training practices are to rehearse out loud what you should be saying before starting the door-to-door canvass.

2. Know your route

Map everything, if not for convenience, then for safety. Technology like Ecanvasser allows you to use the map feature to pinpoint exactly where you need to go next.

The last thing you want to happen is to get lost. Get the logistics correct, make sure to map out the houses you are visiting and also how you plan on getting around to them.

3. Know your candidate's policy points

All the training in the world and if you don’t know what your candidate stands for, it’s game over. Be aware of the key points of his/her policy and you can relay these to potential voters.

4. Make eye contact and be engaging with the public

Always make eye contact with whoever you’re talking to. It’s not only a sign of respect but it also shows you are engaged and interested in what is being discussed.

5. Have a good handshake

This really is crucial when trying to gain support from strangers. A strong handshake can convey confidence before you have even opened your mouth.

6. If you are using a handheld device make sure it is charged

Most campaigns are now operating off handheld devices to store and collect data about potential voters. If you are using a smartphone or tablet, ensure they are fully charged.

7. Always carry pen and paper

And just in case you didn’t listen to No.6 and now your portable device is dead, always have a backup. Pen and paper can be just as effective.

8. Don’t argue with the public

Not everybody is going to be receptive to your candidate's message but remember, avoid engaging in any kind of negative debate or argument. You are representing the candidate and party first.

9. Don’t forget to ask for the vote

Another obvious one but you’d be surprised at the amount of canvassers who forget to ask for the vote. If you don’t ask then you won’t receive.

10. Thank them for listening to you

Make sure the person at the door remembers you for the right reasons. Always be gracious when leaving.

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