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Are You Active In Your Local Church?

Being so deeply embedded in politics means that we sometimes lose focus on the reasons why people opt to campaign in the first place. It’s not always about securing votes and ensuring you make it to the next term. This is why it is often very refreshing when we get to follow an operation such as the Church Summer Outreach Project that the Bacon Castle Baptist Church ran earlier this summer.

They worked on a short term goal but for the long term vision of their church. They made massive strides in a short space of time, 4 weeks to be exact and have ensured that this can be an annual operation but logging all interactions on the Ecanvasser system. And what are they campaigning about you ask?

Spreading the message of their church and attempting to learn more about how and why people choose to attend church.

Ecanvasser Is Mobilized

Having initially checked out the software back in May, Pastor Jimmy Acree felt that Ecanvasser would be the correct fit for the summer project they had planned on running. Uploading a database of nearly 7,000 people in the Richmond area where the Bacon Castle Baptist Church is located.

Their main interest lay in assigning specific areas to canvass to certain teams and once we had explained how simple this was by using our mobile app, the 40 plus strong team were on their way.

Another interesting point to note was that a large segment of the canvassing team were older generation volunteers and while they had initial hiccups with becoming familiar with how to navigate the device, practice certainly makes perfect and they successfully canvassed nearly 1,000 people in 4 weeks.

So we leave you with one simple ask, are you active in your local church?

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