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Welcome To The Scottish Borders Council Robin Tatler

Robin Tatler was an independent candidate in Tweeddale East in the 2017 Scottish Borders Council local election. He successfully won the 3rd seat from the Lib Dems in May.

56 year old Tatler declared his interest in running for a seat in the Tweeddale East constituency as an Independent in late November 2016.

Tatler has been actively involved in many local organisations including the Food Foundation, Peebles Community Trust and Innerleithen Rotary Club, over the last number of years. He has also been on Peebles Community Council for a number of years and been Chairman for the past 2 years. He launched his campaign surrounded by supporters in front of the Peebles Mural, a project he led from concept to creation and which portrays the history and culture of Peebles.

Robin stood as an independent candidate and kicked off his campaign by launching an online survey asking local people what issues they wish to see prioritised in the months ahead. To see an example of this survey, please click the link.

As well as using an online survey to check in with local community members, Tatler also launched a crowdfunding account on the site last December. All the while focusing on local issues.

Tatler’s use of Ecanvasser

Robin Tatler was a natural on the campaign trail, constantly talking to the people at the heart of his community and making sure he tracked their issues using Ecanvasser’s mobile app.

He began using Ecanvasser in Dec 2017, giving himself plenty of time to get accustomed to the technology.


He had access to a voter file of 8,307 people and ensured he deployed a well trained and core group of volunteers to get his local message across. Tatler was no slouch when it came to covering his campaign efforts on social media, boasting an impressive record of voter interactions at the door.


Tatler and his team tracked each voter's 1st and 2nd preferences vote using the mobile app and this helped him segment and target swing voters on a second canvass. Capturing email addresses was another way in which Tatler used the Ecanvasser app, this allowed him to reach out post-canvass and continue to remind people about the polling date, the importance of their vote and local work he was doing.

When election day finally arrived on the 4th of May, Tatler was in a battle for the 3rd and final seat against his Lib Dem opposition Amanda Kubie.

Elections to Scottish Borders Council are won and lost at the doorstep and luckily, due to the groundwork that Tatler and his team had put in. He received 16.5% 1st preferences votes and was elected on the 5th count over the Lib Dems candidate.

If you'd like to learn more about Ecanvasser why not get the app and dashboard for free and see what it can do for your campaign.

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