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Irish Revolution: Solidarity - The Left Alternative

The Solidarity Party, formerly the Anti-Austerity Alliance is a broadly left-wing political party in Ireland, launched in 2014. It currently has 6 TD's after the 2016 General Election. Established in response to an unpopular Household Tax in 2014, it has grown to occupy the hard-Left area of Irish politics.

The Solidarity movement is a party that builds grassroots support for its cause and has a focus on face-to-face canvassing operations locally. It held discussions in August 2015 with the People Before Profit party about forming a new political grouping. On 17 September 2015, the two parties announced that they had formally registered as a single political party for electoral purposes. The new organization was called Anti-Austerity Alliance–People Before Profit. They headed into the 2016 election with 4 members of parliament (TD’s) and ended the campaign by increasing that share by 50% to 6 TDs.

3 Solidarity (previously AAA) candidates contacted Ecanvasser separately in the run-up to Election 2016 about using the product to manage canvass volunteers and data collection. Following on from their successful trialing of the product it was rolled out to a further 3 campaigns.

Working with Ecanvasser

  • In the initial stages, Solidarity were concerned with onboarding volunteers for canvassing and making sure they were able to deliver canvassing routes to these volunteers easily.

  • Once they had established best practice around canvassing operations they turned their attention to managing and understanding the data coming back from field operations.

  • We helped them to provide training documents and materials to their team so best practice was adhered to. Support was provided through the chat box on the website so they had access to immediate help with any issues. Any support tickets that came through out of hours were dealt with the next day.

  • We also organized a tutorial with their team to ensure they were getting the best from the product. This is a standing offer with all campaigns and can be availed of periodically as the campaign changes.

  • Finally, they used the product to inform their campaign messaging in the critical few weeks prior to election day. They were happy they were able to respond to the feedback from voters and ensure they were correctly representing their views.

Election 2016 Outcome

Solidarity increased their representation in national parliament by 200% compared to 2011. They continue to use Ecanvasser to manage their ongoing constituency outreach work. The election outcome positions the party as one of the largest left-wing parties in the country.

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