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Canvassing the Cayman's : Jonathan Piercy

Jonathan Piercy wanted to represent the constituency of George Town West in the Cayman Islands due to his family's rich connection to the area. After going to polls in May, he narrowly lost out on this opportunity by a margin of no less than 16 votes but the in depth campaign he ran for the best part of 6 months showed us how much he really did understand his voters.

Campaign Objectives

One of the biggest concerns for Piercy and his team were surrounding the aging population in George Town West. Elderly people who were having difficulty finding food, keeping a roof over their head and taking care of prescription medication were top of Piercy's agenda. Piercy was also focused on the issue of young peoples welfare. Many of the kids he knows are going to school hungry. Some of them are not performing well. There is no technical and vocational program in place, and there is still not enough opportunity for gainful employment. So these were the two challenges he wanted to combat. The youth and the elderly. Piercy advocated strongly for these two demographics at every available media opportunity, as can be seen in the footage below.

Ecanvasser in the Cayman's

One thing we learned from studying the way campaigning is done in the Cayman Islands is that voter data is secondary to voter concerns. People weren't identified solely through voter ID and it allowed for a closer connection to appear between canvassers and public.

Piercy, with the help of Ecanvasser, transformed his voter file. It became very focused and this allowed for more deep canvassing to take place.

Talking points at the door varied from social topics such as the importance of faith to more economically focused questions such as employment rates and salary inquiries.


Come election day, Piercy was in a stacked field, campaigning against 7 others for 1 seat. He recruited a 15 member team and began segmenting his voter file in February ahead of the May polling day. Team members were split into 2 man teams so as to cover as much ground as possible.

With a grand total of 857 ballots counted in the district

David Charles Wight snuck the seat with 350 votes while Jonathan Piercy was close behind with 334. Piercy's tally exceeded his expectation and just went to show that canvassing worked extremely well in the Geroge Town West district.

We can't wait to work with more political campaigns based in the Cayman Islands and surrounding Carribean areas as breaking down voter files and educating teams on the importance of door to door interaction really proves successful.

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