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Feature Release: Community CRM

How to manage your community CRM

The challenge for anyone working in nonprofits, advocacy or political organizations is primarily being able to visualize their community. Community might mean citizens, it might mean donors, it might mean voters, but without the ability to see who they are actions cannot be taken. That is why we have upgraded our community platform to allow greater flexibility for organizations in managing their communities.

In many instances organizations are trying to create a CRM from voting or property register. The challenge is in trying to make this come to life as not just database entries but actual community members who can be understood and contacted.

Finally, for any organization using a software system to manage their community, the ability to set it up the way they want is critical. For some organizations being able to see survey data front and centre is the most important thing, while for others it might be the contact information of the community member. Either way, a customizable CRM system that shows information clearly and allows campaign teams to take action is important.

For all these reasons we have invested in an upgrade of our database manager to increase flexibility, customization, and analysis.

New functionality

Exciting new functionality and upgrade work to our database tab now makes Ecanvasser a full CRM system. Take your tired and static database of citizens or voters and turn it into a community engagement machine.

Enhancements include:

- Easy horizontal and vertical scrolling through your database for total overview of properties

- Customizable contact properties so you can view just those sections of the database that are relevant

- Reordering capability so dashboard users can prioritize the most relevant properties for them

- Easy toggle between different outreach efforts

- Dashboard access for volunteers and grassroots activists to their assigned contacts meaning they can reach community if they don't have access to Ecanvasser's apps

What it means: Organize

These changes will make the job of team managers and staffers much easier as they will be able to set their database exactly the way they want it. It also means that different functions and departments within the organization can view the database in the way that is most relevant for them.

If you just want to see houses that have been recently canvassed then you can set up your CRM to do just that. If you want to see contacts with email addresses and phone numbers then you can set it up like that. If you want to showcase for senior management the people who have pledged to support the cause you can also do that. Whatever type of campaign you are running, wherever you are in that campaign cycle, we’ve got you covered.

What it means: Analyze

As we work with more organizations to allow them to reach their communities, Ecanvasser has become more and more flexible making it fully customisable to any type of campaign. The point is often made to us by our users that their database is the one source of truth for them and what is contained in it is central to the decisions that they will end up making for their organization.

Having greater control over your database of contacts and the outreach that has been done with them means you can analyze your database more easily. Creating views and segments that unlock insights is one of the big benefits of this new functionality. For campaign management who need to showcase analytics or data points for their senior managers, this release will be hugely helpful.

What it means: Outreach

Finally, for canvassers and casual volunteers who mightn’t have access to Ecanvasser’s apps for community outreach. These people can now access the contacts assigned to them on the Ecanvasser dashboard. This means they can easily phonebank, SMS or input the data from pen and paper canvassing. This eases the burden on campaign staffers having to do data entry and gives supporters and activists even better tools to do their work.

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