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Constituency Management: Need Problems Solved?

Extending engagement beyond elections and polling booths are what elected officials should be aiming to do.

Empowering your constituents should be the aim of anyone elected to office. All politics is local and this is why staying informed as a politician is crucial.

Many government officials have trouble managing constituent requests and the day-to-day issues of their work. Staff members are often forced to use outdated paper files to keep track of cases and handle their communications with programs like Word, Outlook, and Lotus; a migraine for many.

Even those offices that do have a unified system find it difficult to streamline voter issues, prioritize those that are urgent and follow up with casework, this is where Ecanvasser comes in.

Follow Our 4 Simple Steps To Stay On Track


Issue tracking is about communication, or more precisely, maintaining open lines of communication between your team and voters/constituents. The various channels for this are well established for most representatives: social media, constituency clinics, public meetings, email and outreach all provide an interface for communication.

With Ecanvasser, we provide a database to meet all your needs. A clear repository to track the issues and to maintain an accurate record can be essential.

Filter each query based on when it came into the system. Do you want to only deal with queries from the month of April and May? Simply create that filter.

Or perhaps issues that came in through Twitter are the ones you need to deal with first. Simply go to Issue Origin and click on which source you want to see.


Read through the query that came in and decide who is best in the office to deal with the issue. Perhaps Brendan is better at dealing with anti-social behavior than Eoin? Assign the issue to Brendan.


For each action taken make sure to log a note under the issue timeline to keep on top of the workload. This is very important to help build a detailed thread associated with the issue you have been dealing with. Most problems may be small, fast ones you can act on immediately. Other ones may take place over a period of months, maybe even years, staying on top of the steps you are taking is better in the long run.

Set Reminders

To ensure the issue doesn't get forgotten or closed. Create reminders at set intervals so you can ensure a timely conclusion to the issue that benefits the office and most importantly the constituent.

For more information on why Ecanvasser is a long-term solution, why not try our free trial.

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