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Constituency Work: It Doesn't Need To Be Difficult

The work really starts after you get elected...

Living at the center of political life, it can be easy to forget that you aren’t the star of your own reality show. You have an ensemble cast - a crew that put you there, voters you owe your wage to. After the rush and thrill of victory has subsided, you and your staff will need to be organized. Soon phone calls full of congratulations will be replaced with urgent requests. The constituency is now your world and as the local representative, your plate will be full.

There are various aspects to constituency casework; from answering the phone, writing letters and emails on behalf of constituents as well as attending constituency surgeries to meet local people. Managing this caseload can be difficult when you might be away from the constituency or when legislative work is demanding.

In our experience with politicians and their offices, managing casework is usually done one of two ways, the old way or the better way.

The Old Way:

Phone Calls, endless phone calls. Sticky notes filling your pockets containing the names of people you met on the road, clipboards stacked with problems the people at the housing rally had. Someone left you a message last week but you didn’t get it? Human error? Yes, it happens, but your constituents may not be so forgiving. The traditional way of recording constituency work worked for years but is it worth the headaches it produces when you’re tackling piles of paperwork at 2am? We don’t think so.

The Better Way:

Track your issues with Ecanvasser. Eliminate the paper trail by simply recording everything to your Ecanvasser dashboard when you’re in the office or in your mobile app when you are on the go. Nothing could be simpler and everyone on your team can get involved so you never miss a thing.

Every campaign staffer or candidate has a mobile phone these days and with a few taps of a button, you can ensure that Mary’s problem will be recorded, reviewed and resolved. All the casework will be transferred to the Issues tab on the Ecanvasser dashboard and you will be able to track all the casework of each individual constituent in a simple, easy-to-read thread.

Manage your constituency from anywhere and know your constituents better than you have ever done before. Constituency work is not only satisfying work but it is also the work that will get you re-elected.

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