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Ecanvasser Product Update : Custom Fields

The Ecanvasser team have been working tirelessly over the last couple of months making the changes that you wanted to see. To that end we are delighted to announce the arrival of Custom Fields to allow you to import richer data about your voters.

In keeping with the Ecanvasser ethos there are no limits on the customized fields you can import and there are no limits on the new fields you can input while out on canvass. Richer data about voters allows you to understand these voters better and gives you the opportunity to create smarter segments for retargeting.

Our new update will allow for 4 different types of Custom Fields

  • Text
  • Number
  • True/ False
  • Multiple Choice

All these fields will then sync to the mobile app. You can also add Custom Fields through the app if you find you want to add extra information. The update is designed to give you flexibility and control in managing your voters.

If you have any questions about Custom Fields or you would like a demo of the updated Ecanvasser product get in touch here.

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