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Meet the team: A day in the life of Mark O'Keeffe

By Mark O’Keeffe;

My role is as a Web Developer. That means I’m tasked with creating new features for the dashboard.

A typical day at the office

9am start:
My day always begins with a cup of coffee! At the moment, my preferred option is the Dolce Gusto cappuccino with 2 sugars! I then check up on my task list – we use for project management. Generally, I’d have a morning sit down with the rest of the dev team to discuss the day’s plan.

Write code:
Following the morning routine, I spend most of the day writing code.

In the office, the lunch time destination talk starts at around the 11:30am mark! My favoured destination is always Ramen The 6 before 6 deal is simply world class!!

After lunch the rest of my day is spent either writing code or bug fixing. As has an open plan office, I find it best to put on the headphones and listen to some music.

Unless there’s a major deadline to hit, I head home around 5:30/6pm. When at home I might catch up on recent tech developments by watching a couple of videos to keep my skills up to date.

Mark O’Keeffe is a Web Developer and is part of the Development Team at

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