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Introducing Ecanvasser's new partner program

Ecanvasser clients and long term supporters can finally rejoice at the launch of our new Partner Program!

Since we launched Ecanvasser many years ago, we have continually tried to add value for our long term customers. They invest in us and so we wanted to return the favour! All of our strategic choices and the decisions that we have made are centered around the feedback that we have received from our partners and customers. We always make a big deal of listening to you and incorporating your feedback to the best of our ability. And this is how a new strategic partnerships program became our number one priority!

It is clean and user-focused (exactly how we like it) and caters to all of our current users and potentially some new ones too.  The very core of the program is to have a much more dedicated collaboration with our top tier partners. We want to enable our partners to create a better experience, and that starts with us and the platform we deliver. We know that the end-users do not buy a platform, they buy a solution to their organising problem, and the fact that we are now moving closer to our partners helps us improve the quality of the solutions and make our partners’ business more valuable.

The pillars of our partner program

Reseller program: We have worked with numerous consultants, in the political and non-profit world over the last number of years who wanted to become resellers of our system in their specific regions. Our new reseller program will offer a clean and easy way to do that, while always putting the reseller and client first. To learn about the benefits before you sign up , contact us here.

Referral program: The Ecanvasser Referral Partner Program is designed to reward partners for generating new Ecanvasser opportunities by recommending Ecanvasser services to their respective clients and prospects. Ideal candidates for the Ecanvasser Referral Program include Consultants, Agencies, and system integrators

Creative collaboration: If you are working on something new and want to join forces but don't exactly know how, why not get in touch anyway. In the past we have worked with some of the best creative minds in the SaaS world. Some of our favorite creative collaborators have helped us produce strategic blueprint article, educational webinars on trending topics, contribute to our newsletter and also blog. If this sounds like you, complete the application here and let's get started.

Many partners have already signed up for the program, and if you want to join, visit the Partner Program page on our website to see all the benefits and requirements.


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