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The Political Panel Takes on The Big Data Question

Tuesday last saw the return of the Political Panel here at Ecanvasser. However, this time we changed it up by having an all-female panel. We decided to discuss some trending topics that have been taking up our screens over the past weeks.

Cambridge Analytica

The first topic that was discussed was the Cambridge Analytica story that has come to light in the last two weeks. For people who are unaware of what happened, basically, it has come to light that Cambridge Analytica, who are a British data analytics firm, had obtained and misused the personal data of 50 million users on Facebook. For more information see one of our previous blog posts here.

A point that was raised during the political panel that I found interesting was the fact that people had no idea that their data was being obtained by a third party, in this case, Cambridge Analytica, from their Facebook accounts. The new regulation that is coming into effect on the 25th of May 2018 called the GDPR should hopefully bring ease to the minds of people all around the EU knowing that their data is that bit more secure and they will be allowed access to and information about all their data. GDPR will give people control of their data back to them rather than it being in control of the businesses who have it.

Rise in Female Candidates Running For Office

The next topic that was discussed on our Panel was the surge of female politicians running and winning campaigns this year. According to reports, there is nearly twice the number of women running for office in 2018 than in the last election two years ago. 431 women are set to run for the House in the US Congress compared to 212 in 2016. While there is no way to determine exactly why suddenly female candidates are running in bigger numbers, we discussed possible reasons why. From Donald Trump being elected to Hilary Clinton running for the presidency to women finding their voice in today's society. Also, we discussed that people should make decisions on who they will vote for based on the candidate themselves rather than their gender which often happens.

Grassroots Campaigning

Marches are becoming widespread throughout the US with the latest being the #MarchForOurLives demonstrations that took place all over the US over the weekend. It is showing how peaceful demonstrations are the way forward. Using social media on top of the marches will boost a campaign to new highs, as long as it is used in a correct manner. We discussed how important social media can be in campaigns but also in relation to Cambridge Analytica, how dangerous they can be. Marches are slowly coming through to Ireland with marches about the upcoming referendum being seen around the country. It seems that the EU is looking towards the US for tips on running successful campaigns.

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