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Voters swipe left for election campaign software

How is your 2018 shaping up?

There is something about a new year of politics that sparks excitement in our office here at Ecanvasser. I’m not sure if it’s the spin-off from the #MeToo movement in Hollywood or just greater grassroots talk over the entirety of the US, but something feels different. Republicans in the US will be running defensive campaigns across a number of states in 2018 given they control both Houses at present. Media attention will still be directly on Trump while Europe is fighting its own growing battle with populism. It seems more critical than ever that we elect the right people into office and we think the only way to do this is to use election campaign software.

Why we need to consider our candidates carefully

If you are familiar with the #bluewave2018 trend that is taking over Twitter at the moment, then you know that people are more vocal than ever before about the reasons they are running for office. Though the Blue Wave is a Democratic movement in response to the current administration, the reasons behind these candidates running aren’t as simple as just disgruntlement over having Donald Trump for a President. In large part, it is about ensuring their area and their viewpoints are represented by the political establishment, something that they feel has been lacking in the past year or so. Elections in 2018 seem like they will go down to the wire but the focus will be on local politics first.

There is a renewed engagement with politics at present and voters will be assessing candidates based on their credentials in terms of representing that voter viewpoint.
Talking to people at the door is a good candidate's bread and butter but it needs to be done in a structured way. Voters need to start opening the door instead of rolling their eyes every time the doorbell goes. Canvassing doesn’t just benefit the candidate, it also should benefit the voter. If the candidate is using election campaign software these engagements don't go unrecorded, meaning that voters are heard and this feedback can be turned into action.

Swipe left for candidate engagement

If you are voting this year, you should start eyeing up candidates now, people who are out early holding town meetings, setting up candidate profiles on Facebook, doing livestreams from their campaign offices, these are the guys to start paying attention to. They have a long-term plan.

Perhaps you have an incumbent in your local race this year? Consider the position they hold, did they keep promises they made when they campaigned last? Have you interacted with them on their political journey? Did they try their damndest while in office? Using the phrase “long-term” in politics is quite scary because things are so uncertain but as voters, we have issues that only elected officials can represent and attempt to solve. Do your research and vote accordingly.

Invest in candidates who use Election Campaign Software

We see candidates of all backgrounds and ages eventually wake up to the fact that technology is the way forward. Pen and paper has served us well, don't get us wrong, but now is the time to apply the advances of our time to the democratic effort. Candidates who come to Ecanvasser are serious contenders. Candidates who realize that locking down votes can be helped by technology. Canvassing neighborhoods is worthwhile again because the knowledge you can pick up will allow you to campaign smarter. Election campaign software isn’t just a short-term solution, it’s something that will see you stay on top of your electorates' issues.

So our parting advice to voters in 2018 is; invest in a candidate who has invested in you. Our advice to candidates is use Ecanvasser now and see if you have what it takes to represent your electorate.

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