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Europe's Organizing: NEOS Have Long Term Goals

The NEOS Party was founded in 2012 and occupies a Centre, pro-European stance. It currently has 9 members (5%) of the National Council and 1 MEP. NEOS became a full member of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE) on 2 May 2014.

Neos & Ecanvasser

The party approached Ecanvasser in 2016 to help them to organize and manage their voter outreach, election campaigns, and ongoing constituency work. A test campaign was set up in Vienna to trial the product and see how volunteers were able to use the mobile tech in dealing with voters.

In The Beginning

A re-run of a local election was the setting for the trial with a very fast set-up required. The initial concern was around whether the app would be confusing for Austrians as it was only available to them in English. However, as the majority of the app interaction is designed by the campaign team, including Talking Points and Surveys, it did not prove to be an issue.

According to Christoph Jung of the campaign team, “The app was used by almost all canvassers and there was no negative feedback at all". The app was liked especially because it saved time and made it possible to detail communications with potential voters. It was mentioned that potential voters appreciated the professional “touch” of using an app.


The second issue faced by the Ecanvasser Support team was in using Google API mapping technology to process German language abbreviations of addresses, for example, Str. for Strasse. With a bit of help from our team, NEOS were able to get everything up and running within a week. They split their 70,000 plus voters into Precincts and, in that way, were able to speed up the process of on-the-ground organizing.

Data Protection

As data security was of the utmost concern, a Data Processing Agreement, was put in place in advance to protect the party and their voters. The support they received from the Ecanvasser team was instrumental in delivering a successful project under pressure for the party.

The Hard Yards

In the initial stages NEOS were concerned with onboarding volunteers for canvassing and making sure they were able to deliver canvassing routes to these volunteers easily. Once they had established best practice around canvassing operations they turned their attention to managing and understanding the data coming back from field operations.

We helped them to provide training documents and materials to their team so best practice was adhered to. Support was provided through the chat box on the website so they had access to immediate help with any issues. Any support tickets that came through out of hours were dealt with the next day.

We also organised a tutorial with their team to ensure they were getting the best from the product. This is a standing offer with all campaigns and can be availed of periodically as the campaign changes.

Finally, they used the product to inform their campaign messaging in the critical few weeks prior to election day. They were happy they were able to respond to the feedback from voters and ensure they were correctly representing their views.

Building For The Future

NEOS have radically improved their organizational structure for volunteer members.The quality of information being disseminated in the community is enhanced by Ecanvasser Talking Points which are delivered to volunteers directly through their mobile app.NEOS are now rolling out two new projects with Ecanvasser, one covering all of Vienna on an ongoing basis, and the other focusing on a specific demographic nationally.The future of voter engagement for NEOS now lies with Ecanvasser.

If you'd like some of the Ecanvasser effect why not get the app and dashboard for free and see what it can do for your campaign.

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