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Feature Release: Duplicates page

Guide to your contacts de-duplication tool in Ecanvasser

Having duplicate contacts in your database is a pain, and manually finding and managing duplicate contacts is not only a difficult task but it's also really time consuming. To solve this we have built a tool that uses AI to find duplicate contacts for you, a tool which makes merging contacts easy also. When your organization or campaign is adding to the database from multiple different sources there is always potential for the same person to be entered twice or more into your database leading to confusion and poor contact management. The duplicates tool uses AI algorithms to identify potential duplicate contacts using factors such as name, gender, date of birth and contact details. It will then present the possible duplicates to you for review so you merge two contacts together and not lose any data. When you can accept (merge) or reject (dismiss) a pair as duplicate contacts, you're providing feedback to the model to help improve the experience over time.

Duplicate contact reconciliation dashboard

Why it will be valuable for you?

The duplicates tool is particularly valuable for organizations that are adding new contacts, donors, volunteers into their database all the time or are merging datasets regularly. For Ecanvasser customers who are building a database of contacts from online forms, meeting people face-to-face at events and so on this duplicates tool will be vital to maintaining database integrity and data privacy.

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