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Feature Releases: Campaign Efforts, Ratings and Talking Points

The Ecanvasser dashboard and interface have been upgraded to meet the needs of all our users, from nonprofits to government agencies, to specific projects on community outreach. There are four main changes that will significantly improve the user experience for both managers and team members. Let’s go through them.

Campaign Efforts redesign

Campaign Efforts are the way in which Ecanvasser users set up a campaign. It might be a membership recruitment drive that pushes supporters to find and onboard people in their own community. It might be a coordinated community outreach campaign like a round of canvassing door-to-door. It might simply be gathering issues from citizens at an event or community clinic. Whatever your organization wants to do, you can now have a Campaign Effort that is perfectly tailored to that goal. For most of our clients, they are running multiple efforts at the same time, recruitment drives, phone outreach, social media listening, and they will need the mobile app interface to be set up to reflect that campaign. Running multiple Campaign Efforts at the same time gives the team members lots of different ways to engage people in their communities and they can toggle in and out of different campaigns based on where and what they are doing at that time.

Campaign Efforts mirror the way in which real organizations operate in the world and now their Ecanvasser account makes it even easier to set this up. You can find your Campaign Efforts on the Customize tab of the dashboard and get busy setting up your campaigns.

Interaction rating tool

What we call a Reception rating is a highly useful tool for quickly capturing the overall feel of a real conversation. After your team have spoken with someone in the community they can now quickly capture what is most important to you. In some cases, this might be how receptive the person was to your campaign. It might be that you want to capture the likelihood of them taking further action for you or supporting you. Whatever you feel is the key outcome from a conversation can now be logged simply and intuitively with our star reception rating. This rating is fully customizable with the main description and descriptions of what each star means being nominated by the campaign manager.

We are excited to give full control of the interaction rating system over to our clients and look forward to seeing the variety of different ways in which they will be used.

Terminology update

Ecanvasser is one of the most flexible organizing platforms in the world and thousands of groups are using it for all manner of different purposes. This means that the language used on the interface needs to be neutral but also intuitive. Our recent language update [translated into 15 languages remember!] should help to deliver that clarity of purpose for campaigners.

Some new changes to terminology include: "Voter" will become "Contact", "A canvass" will become "an interaction", "Canvasser" will become "Organizer" and finally "Campaign" will become "Account".

Talking Points

Ecanvasser’s Talking Points feature is a direct line of communication to everyone in your organization, direct to their phones. Pushing notifications to your entire membership gives you control over how your teams interact and campaign in the community. It also allows you to adjust messaging in real-time based on events as they happen. And now you can set up your Talking Points to members in a way that directs them to a specific action whether that is a social media post, a survey question list, a canvassing script, or even an email template.

Talking Points that suggest a specific action work perfectly with Campaign Efforts and Interaction Ratings to coordinate and organize actions in the real world. Ecanvasser now holds the mobile app functionality and campaign management features to really move your organizing forward and get the very best from your supporter engagement efforts this year.

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