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Feature Release: Ecanvasser’s New User Licensing

Earlier this year, we launched the concept of User licenses on our Ecanvasser system. Over the last couple of months, we have learned more about the different types of users that are including the Ecanvasser platform in their community outreach and how they are on-boarding new members. It is from listening to our clients, that we are excited to finally launch our new User Licensing and explain their benefits to new organizers. Our latest feature release means that organizing your team members has never been easier.

User licenses: Introducing Shared and Locked licenses

A Locked License is a license that is assigned to a specific user, meaning that this person has access to the Ecanvasser platform at all times. Give these to people who will be active on a regular basis! It is clearly identifiable by a blue badge with a tick icon.

A Shared License can be assigned to users based on their availability - this means anyone who is not on a locked license or perhaps someone who is only available a certain amount of hours a week. You can easily toggle licenses between users which means the most active will always be catered for! The shared licensing can be handled automatically and is purple with a star icon.

How does Shared Licensing work?

For example, where there is only 1 shared license and you have 3 part time organizers, Jason, Ciara and Pat:

Jason logged in 2 days ago and was granted the shared license. Ciara logs in today and therefore Jason's shared license is automatically revoked and assigned to Ciara. Pat logs back on tomorrow, and Ciara's shared license is automatically revoked and assigned to Pat and so on.

NB: As a dashboard user, I can revoke a shared license at any time but I can't guarantee who will be assigned the shared license as its based on who logs on next.

Who can control the licenses?

Account Owners will have control over the licensing as they control billing. Account Managers can also be given this permission by the Account Managers.

Why our users prefer this licensing system

There are so many reasons why this new licensing system seems to work for our clients. It adds more value for the core organising groups because you are putting quality interactions first.

1. Now an unlimited number of organizers can get involved  and always have an option of getting active during the hours that suit them. This means as a Head Organizer you won't be dampening enthusiasm.

2. As organizers we are always budget constrained. This new licensing system means you don't pay for organizers that might only campaign for a day or so.

3. Time is another resource that is precious. Our new licensing reduces the time spent managing who's coming out to campaign on a daily/weekly basis.

4. Manage your team smarter. Keep all the contact details & commitment of your enthusiastic organizers in one place

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