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How NOT to Organize a Canvassing Campaign

Organizing canvassing campaigns for upcoming elections may seem like a daunting task, luckily, we are providing you with a list of DON’Ts:

Don’t print thousands of leaflets and maps for your canvassers

Not only is this a waste of paper (eco warrior alert!) but it is actually quite an unnecessary task. Get up to speed with technology and political software, and the $$$ you will spend on print will be instantly saved.

Don’t physically draw out your walking route

Markers, paint, pins and thread, there is no need for these materials, all they do is create mess and confusion.

Don’t have a mixed message

Making sure the message from your canvassers to your potential voters is clear will be essential for proper campaign communication. There is a balance between letting your canvassers speak freely and giving them a completely scripted text to read when door knocking.

Don’t be afraid to ask

The fact is if you are a candidate in a political campaign, that is what you will spend the majority of your time doing — asking for things.

Don’t forget about the voter

Political campaigns should be about delivering results for the community and for the people. Political candidates are a vehicle for that, but many campaigns we see get lost and focus too much on personal details about the person. Remember it is the problems and issues of voters that are paramount.

Don’t ignore the grassroots

Even the most sophisticated campaign can benefit from a grassroots connection with voters, if you don’t have a real relationship with voters no amount of paid advertising will save you.

Don’t spend hours every night entering data

After a long day of walking door-to-door and organizing your canvassing team, the last thing that you will want to do is open up your database or Excel sheet and start entering all this data into the early hours of the morning. Use technology and canvasing apps to easily capture and keep track of data while you're canvassing.

Basically, what we’re trying to say is welcome to the 21st century, trial our Canvassing app… for FREE!

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