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How to win a local election

How to win a local election

Running a small, local campaign doesn’t draw much media attention, you won’t have an enormous budget to work with and you won’t usually have much time to organize. How to win a local election is therefore very different from winning a big, national election.

Local campaigns require 3 things:

  • Strategy
  • Voter outreach
  • GOTV operation

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Planning how you should run a campaign these days is easy because we are awash in materials and templates about how to "win elections". We have to ask, however, can the Obama 08 campaign blueprint really help the man running for Mayor or a seat on the school district board? Probably not, it's an entirely different scale.

Keep your plan simple, set out the weeks in the run up to polling day logically.

What events do you need to attend? What kinds of political campaign materials do you require; postcards, lawn signs, leaflets etc? Where are you going to distribute these materials? Do you have a voter list? Is social media in your plan?

Plot out your timeline and be realistic.


We think that email marketing and phone canvassing are better left to the big boys, as local candidates we need to focus on the campaign trail. The more visibility you have at the doorstep, the more chances you have of earning votes. Have you a canvassing team?

Educate your team on your campaign talking points and be prepared to answer the hard questions. Start by segmenting you voter file and get knocking.

GOTV strategy

Luckily we find the best thing about using mobile technology is that it makes the days leading up to polling day stress-free because you can track all your data on your mobile device.

Using Ecanvasser simply for a GOTV operation is money well spent. Check out our infographic below to learn more.

So if you are interested in taking your local campaign to the next level, why not set up a call with us below.

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