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Week 1: Diary Of An Intern

Hi there,

My name is Aine O Brien and follow me as I bring you on the journey of my first week at Ecanvasser.

Anyone starting a new job will tell you about the nerves and excitement that fills you as you walk through the door that very first day. I’m currently in 3rd-year Business Information Systems in University College Cork so I had never experienced a full time working environment. Luckily the people at Ecanvasser took me in like any other member of the team allowing me to feel like more than just an intern. I have joined the team as a Marketing Executive alongside Brendan and Ciara.

I spent my first day getting to know all about Ecanvasser, who they are, what they are, and what they do. Coming from a political background I was very interested in how the Ecanvasser software benefited political campaigns and how it would make door-to-door canvassing that bit easier for everyone involved. It was clear from the beginning that Ecanvasser is the way forward for political campaigning.

So far my days have been filled with getting to know each member of the Ecanvasser team. Each member brings a vital aspect to the continuing growth of the Ecanvasser software. From developing to sales to marketing, every member works extremely hard in order to bring Ecanvasser to the attention of more and more campaigns across the world.

The highlight of week one here was definitely getting to know the team and the ability to become apart of such a close-knit company. As soon as I walked in the door on the first day I was welcomed with open arms. I look forward to being a part of Ecanvasser for the next six month and bringing what I can to the company.

You can follow my Diary here on the Ecanvasser blog, keep an eye out for Week 2

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