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All politics is local

All Politics Is Local

Tip O'Neill's famous maxim sounds straight-forward enough. However, in many cases, candidates running in local elections jump the gun and go too big too soon.

We’ve already covered the basics of running a local campaign here, but now we are going to focus on onboarding your volunteers. All politics is local and that includes the people who do the legwork for you.


Who are your volunteers going to be?

Honestly? Family and friends mostly. These guys will bend water to try and earn you votes and when you are starting off that’s exactly what you need.

Inform these people early on that you are planning a run so they can recruit more friends. Simply put, you will earn easy votes here and that’s the beauty (sometimes the beast) of running in a local race. You need to take an advantage where you can!

The 2nd tier of volunteers are harder ones. This is where your political manifesto and promises come into play. You will have to perfect your messaging and communication skills to win over people who are not directly connected to you. You will also have to canvass early and often before you go around asking for votes. People will want you to do things for them for a vote, so our advice to you is to make alliances with people who share your values and people who you can see yourself working with in the long term.

Once you established a clear picture in your head of people you see actively helping you in your campaign, you begin to onboard them.

What is onboarding?

You want to ensure your volunteers get off to a good start, and your volunteer onboarding process plays a critical role. The onboarding sets the stage for deeper volunteer involvement – so don’t leave it up to chance.

Volunteer onboarding is the mechanism through which new volunteers acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviors to become effective organizational members and insiders. Your volunteers come into your campaign with a passion for your cause or a commitment to your community. At the same time, volunteers each bring skills, capabilities, and interests to the table.

Get familiar with all your volunteers and assign each person a responsibility, be that canvassing, social media promotion or office work. If you are aiming to be more specific and time efficient and have chosen software to use this campaign season, we also have some tips.

Team onboarding with Ecanvasser is quick and easy. The fastest way to onboard supporters, simply invite them by email and let our system bring them through. You can then assign different permission settings, to determine who sees what. Controlling access to information is critical, so we have five permission levels from Owner to Canvasser.

As always we'd love to hear from you guys, the campaigners, and how you get it done! Why not share this across your social media channels and tag us with your thoughts. You can also subscribe below to get content direct to your inbox.

all politics is local

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