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Making The Most Of Your Issues Tab

Managing voters issues can be the section of your campaign strategy that sets you apart from your competitors. In order to make this so, it’s important that you understand what the Issues tab in Ecanvasser is best used for, and how to go about using it most efficiently for these purposes!

One of the primary purposes of the Issues tab is for Constituency Management. As an elected representative (or a potential one), you will become a magnet for local issues and concerns that voters would like to see addressed - this is a great opportunity to show your voters both your work ethic and what you’re able to do for the local community!

A secondary use of the Issues tab is to support and complement your field operation. Not all of your canvassers may be able to fully address voter concerns on every topic and this is your chance to get that all-important follow-up contact.

There are other matters for which the Issues tab are not ideal, and generally speaking, if it is not in relation to one of those matters discussed above, it may well be worth your while asking yourself would a Custom Field be more efficient.

Constituency Management & Canvass Supplement

This is your chance to set your campaign apart from the competition, and be the person known to perform and deliver for voters.

As such, it is important for both you, your canvassers, and office staff, to approach issues from the optimal position, to allow for efficient follow-up and processing - that is using #Hashtags!

By appropriately tagging your issues you can make sure that they are easy to find, and segment, later in your campaign. You will have to develop a naming convention that your canvassers will be able to implement, but also will provide the key information necessary to your back office staff. Consider the following: location - > issue - > requirement

For example:





Indicating that the voter wishes for you to follow up on this with the local authorities. As you do so, you can track the issue, and keep the individual constituent up to date your inquiries. Perhaps once you’ve resolved the issue you might want to contact all voters living in District 6 to inform them of your success!

While your Talking Points will help guide your canvassers, and win over a lot of voters, some voters may press for a level of depth that it is not practical to train all canvassers to. That said, these votes shouldn’t be left by the wayside, unearned! Have your voters create an Issue, outlining what this voter needs for you to win their vote:





This example would advise our office staff that we need to email this voter a policy document, or a policy stance, on this particular issue.




This could signify that a voter is on board with our stance, but is requesting examples of our voting record, or public statements on, this issue.

Depending on your campaign, you will have different needs so develop a system that works for you!

Superior Alternatives

Sometimes campaigns use Issues for details of their campaigns for which there is superior functionality.

For example, Lawn-Signs, General Notes, and Reception Rating are all things that other functionality, particularly Custom Fields, will provide you with greater control over your data for.

To learn more about how Ecanvasser can help you, why not sign up for our free trial.


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