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Feature Release: Member Directory

Our latest feature release is designed for enterprise customers to really get a handle on their memberships and supporters. The Members Directory is your homebase for visualizing and managing all of the people involved in your organization wherever they are.


Why did we build this functionality? Well, for nonprofits and political parties memberships tend to be managed locally. Chapter management is essential for the local or constituency activists and members. And these grassroots members do not necessarily have a direct relationship with the main organization. This is a real problem because these local grassroots members are hugely valuable to the organization in terms of representing them on the ground. They are also of huge value as a fundraising base and in terms of being a listening ear to what is happening in their local community. In fact, an organization's value is really made up of the quality and engagement of their grassroots members. That is why our customers have asked us to build this and this is why we are so excited by this feature update.


So, what is the typical use-case for this Members Directory? Ok, when you are sitting in head office and thinking about building your support base or building your membership base you will certainly have strategies and tactics for doing this. You might have a recruitment drive or you might be running a campaign to get people to sign up to your cause. That is great but what happens with these people then? Do they get a newsletter once a month asking them for further support? Or, do they get pulled into your shiny new Members Directory where you can see the profile they uploaded, where exactly they are and what attributes they have that might be of value to your organization? Far from being a simple directory, this is your new hub for managing and communicating with members. Why not set them a task, or get them to come out canvassing with you, or get them connected with other activists in their area? Of course you can phone, text or email directly from your Members Directory if you need that personal contact.

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1. Visualize your supporters on a map exactly where they are

2. View supporter profiles and details in pop-up cards

3. Manage permission levels and access to information

4. See recent activities and actions taken by members

5. Group supporters together and assign tasks to them

6. Invite supporters to your mobile apps for community engagement

7. Communicate directly by phone, text or email

8. Send smarter push notifications to the app based on supporter actions

9. Filter supporters by team or local chapter

10. Organize and motivate supporters by connecting them to local leaders


Organizations that operate nationally or internationally can now leverage the power of their local members and they can begin to understand the people-power that they have. Organizations always want to assess if they are achieving their goals. Yes, they can check how much money they have raised in the last year, or whether they have been able to affect legislation change about their cause. However, being able to measure the people-power of the organization, the depth and breadth of supporter engagement, the total time donated to the cause, these are the real measure of an organization’s success. With a strong base of supporters and a connected membership an organization will always have a bright future. With Ecanvasser’s Members Directory it is now possible to achieve that.

So why not test it out today for your organization? We are happy to run you through the functionality in a bit more detail and show you how to get more members onboarded quickly.

If you have experience with membership management strategies in your organization please drop your comments in below.

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