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New! Announcing Ecanvasser and Mailchimp integration

Ecanvasser is excited to announce a brand new integration with the best in class, email marketing service Mailchimp. This Ecanvasser x Mailchimp integration is the first since the Ecanvasser x Nationbuilder partnership from 2015. With further integrations scheduled for release for the rest of 2019, we are pleased that Mailchimp could be this year's debutant.

All Ecanvasser users will now be able to utilize the Ecanvasser x Mailchimp integration by going to the Integrations page on the main Ecanvasser Dashboard.


Getting setup, couldn't be easier either! You must at least have a Free plan with Mailchimp and once you have successfully linked your accounts, you can begin to drag lists from Ecanvasser through to Mailchimp.


Consent options will need to be toggled on or off, depending on your preferences.


Common used case

Sarah, a campaign manager is working in HQ , checking in on the work done by her canvassers over a long weekend. One of the questions that our canvassers asked on the campaign trail was if people wanted to hear more information about the campaign they were running. After doing a total of 567 canvasses, she is able to filter by the answers to that questions from the Ecanvasser Voter Database page.

233 people answered "Yes", they want further follow up. The quickest way to reach out to these people is through email and with the new Ecanvasser integration this has never been easier.

Campaign manager Sarah, creates a list from this filtered group. She names the list "Interested in follow up". Now go to the Integrations tab and export across the list "Interested in follow up" to Mailchimp. Once exported across, this list will automatically update everytime a change is made on the Ecanvasser end - for example if more people are added and so on.

Sarah can now email all these people with follow up information, making her job as a Campaign manager so much easier.

Other benefits of the new Ecanvasser x Mailchimp integration

  • Seamlessly automate your campaigning

Creating email campaigns doesn't have to be stressful. By linking up with Mailchimp, not only do we want to make reaching out to voters as easy as possible, we also want to be awesome looking. Brand these emails with your campaign logo, increase your brand and reach with every mail you send!

  • You can now do targeted digital comms

Mailchimp's powerful targeting options help you reach the right people where they're already hanging out. Design and publish your ads in the same place you manage your other marketing, so you can keep your branding consistent across all your channels.

If you have various lists on Ecanvasser, you will be able to view that contact and the list they are as a tag in Mailchimp. Mailchimp's tags and segments make it easy to organize contacts in meaningful ways, so you can quickly act on insights from your data.

  • GDPR compliant voter contact

Ecanvasser is a GDPR compliant platform so before if you were dubious about random lists of people being exported into your email database, take comfort in knowing that with Ecanvasser's new e-signature functionality, you know that anyones information has been collected with their consent.

  • Direct mail features

Many campaigns still opt for direct mail during election season. If you want to modernize this traditional form of communicating. You can now use Mailchimp to design postcard which you can then send to the lists of people who form in Ecanvasser. Learn more here.

If you want to know more about what Mailchimp offers, you can check it out here. Remember every successful political campaign, while having a solid foundation in field work should also consider a digital strategy. What better way to get all this functionality than setting up an Ecanvasser account today.

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