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Behind the Scenes: Getting to Know the New Guys

Due to our continued growth internationally we decided it was about time we expanded our team. We are delighted to welcome three new team members on board, and we are sure they were equally delighted to take part in an impromptu photo shoot out in the balcony!

Web Developer: Erivan Franklin da Silva

My name is Erivan Franklin da Silva. I am from Brazil and hold a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science. I came to Ireland to improve my English and it was always a goal of mine to get a job here as a Web Developer. When I saw that Ecanvasser were hiring, I knew it would be a great opportunity as they are a young company who are growing fast. I'm also enjoying living in the wonderful city of Cork and working with such a lovely team.

Outside of work, I have several hobbies. I like playing football, playing saxophone, watching movies, cycling and running. This new role seems like the perfect fit because I know that the Ecanvasser team practices several activities outside of work and I am really looking forward to getting involved.

Web Developer : Nauman Tanwir

Hi, my name is Nauman and before I came here I did my undergrad in Information Technology in India. After I completed that, I chose to work there for a year. I then decided to leave and moved to Ireland to pursue an MSc Computer Science in University College Cork. Why Ireland? Well, Ireland is one of the EU hubs for IT and has great job opportunities. I had also heard a lot about the welcoming Irish people and it turns out they are the best CRAIC EVER!

When I am not working I still like to code, watch Ted-talks and play cricket and badminton. My other main interests are killing zombies in video games (who doesn’t?) and watching lots of different types of movies and TV Shows.

Customer Success Analyst : Alan Conway

I'm 26, from Cork and I've worked in Customer Success for about 10 years, specifically e-commerce for the last 3, with a background in Quality and Training. I studied Politics in college and have been involved in political campaigns for about the last 7 years.

So...what brought me to Ecanvasser? It seemed like the perfect mix of my experience and interests and I really like the idea of working with a young company. The product is great as well. Having spent countless nights working on political campaigns - doing tedious jobs like drawing on images of Google Maps in MS Paint and the even more painful task of painting turfs in Google Maps - Ecanvasser seems like the perfect place to 'change the world' for campaigns.

Other interests and hobbies? I can play guitar - not particularly well. I am a demon for some karaoke. I watch a bit of rugby or NFL, and enjoy staying up watching election results (and my preferred candidate/result almost invariably not winning).

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