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Building Momentum: Activating Your Supporters

"The perennial challenge for political parties, candidates and advocacy groups is trying to get supporters to actively engage with your message or cause. The key to winning the hearts and minds of the public lies in an organization’s ability to motivate and mobilize core supporters over long periods of time"


The most important thing for any political party that wants to establish a solid support base before, during and after an election cycle is to have a solid structure in place that helps mobilize core supporters.

We are happy to share our latest work that we have done with our good friends at New/Mode, a Canadian based campaign consultancy that details a step by step approach to help you build momentum and activate your supporters.


You can download the full article here.

You will learn helpful tips on how to:

- Identify your key supporters

- The best way to connect with them

- Motivational tips

- Secrets to onboarding people easily

And much more.

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