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Why We Value Simplicity At Ecanvasser

If any of you have an educational background in philosophy, science or politics, you are probably familiar with this problem-solving principle attributed to William of Ockham. Although there are many ways of describing this hypothesis, for the purpose of this blog, I am going to stick to the razor’s statement that “other things being equal, simple explanations are generally better than complex ones.” Are you still with me?

As I approach the end of my fourth week here at Ecanvasser, it has become apparent to me that the greatest need for our current and potential partners, is just that, simplicity. Our partners need and want a simple, effective and accurate way to canvass. As our friend William might have said, there is no need for complicated, convoluted methods of canvassing because the simplest solution is generally the best one.

So, how is Ecanvasser the simplest solution?

Ecanvasser is the brainchild of Brendan, a seasoned political canvasser, who was frustrated by the complexities of trying to retain voter information from canvassing, and most importantly, how difficult it was becoming to convert this information to achieve actionable results. Enter Ecanvasser; a platform to centrally manage all your activities and provide you with targeting, canvassing and analytic tools to optimize campaigns and return on effort.

Ecanvasser’s ingenuity lies in its simplicity and for me, as someone who talks to partners every day, it is refreshing to hear how intuitive users find Ecanvasser (especially with the new Material Design ) and how grateful new users are to be guided gently through the setup process by our wonderful Customer Success Team (who happen to sit across from me but I promise, they really are fantastic at what they do and have taught me so much already.)

Interested in using Ecanvasser or just want to find out more about how simple it is to set up? I would love to hear from you, you can email me or add me on Linkedin.

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