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Easy Phone Banking with Ecanvasser

Ecanvasser has added great new functionality to our product to help people run phone banking operations. For the outline of our latest functionality and use cases just hit the link below.

1. Create A Team

For a Phone Banking operation, invite team members to your campaign as normal, and as outlined in the following article:

Inviting your Team to Join the Campaign

Note, as Phone Banking is completed via the Ecanvasser Dashboard, ensure that you set the Permission Level for these Team Members as Campaign Staffer.

You may wish to pay particular attention to the information regarding Generic Accounts in the above-linked article.

2. Create A Call List

You will want to create Groups to serve as a workload for your Phone Bankers. You can find detailed information on creating Groups in the following articles:

Search & Filter (from the People tab)

Creating a Group (from the People tab)

Creating a Group (from the Map tab)

Remember, your Groups need only be as segmented as you require. As such, in the event that it is not required that certain Team Members contact certain Voters, you could simply create Groups based on a single page of the People Database for each.

Give your Groups relevant names, for example, “Volunteer 1 - 8/8/16”

3. Create A Custom Field For Phone Banking

You will want to consider how you are going to record your record of phone calls, and how you are going to complete the input of data.

If you are happy for your staffers to use the canvass option from the dashboard, they can use the normal canvass statuses without issue - simply outline how you expect them to be used. Perhaps the following:

  • Canvass - Phone Call
  • Call Back - Call Back
  • Not Home - Didn’t Answer
  • Not Interested - Not Interested
  • Inaccessible - Left Message

However, you may well wish for your staffers to refrain from interfering with this data if you feel this would affect your canvassing operation. In such an instance, you should instead use the Edit Person option (instead of the canvass option). To record the status/result of a call, create a custom field. The following setup would be recommended:

  • Field Name: Phonebank Status
  • Required Field: Unchecked
  • Custom Field Type: Multiple Choice
  • Allow more than one answer to this question: Unchecked
  • Multiple Choice Options:
    • Canvassed
    • Left Message
    • Call Back
    • Not Interested
    • No Answer
    • Inaccessible

4. Create A Call Script

Creating a call script should keep your phone interactions short and to the point. You can develop a script and drop it into the documents section of the dashboard for anyone who is doing phone banking. It might be an idea to date these scripts or segment them based on the call lists, which may be targeting various segments of your voters.

Phone Banking in Action

Your Campaign Staffers can now access their daily/weekly workload via the Filter on the People tab. They may Canvass most rapidly by use of the available Quick Icons, or select an entry to review all available data on a household in full.

Broader information on available options at the moment can be reviewed at Canvassing from the People tab.

If you need any help starting a phone banking operation with Ecanvasser, why not get in touch below:

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