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Calling Your Way To Victory

GOTV or persuasive?

Whatever your objective, phone banking is always smoother when you are prepared. Not all campaigns worldwide have the resources or time to train their volunteers, so sometimes you are handed a script and asked to dial.

Grassroots mobilization isn't all about being thrown in at the deep end - here are a few things to remember.

Verify First

Remember anybody could answer the phone so always make sure who you are talking to. You can then introduce yourself and why you are calling. Keep it brief.

Don’t Stray

The calling script that you were given is now your instruction manual. It will prepare you for any eventuality, every important scenario and what you are expected to do. After the pleasantries, your first questions may look like this :

Are you planning to vote in November?





May I ask why not?

If they still don't want to vote, thank them for their time and end the call.

Simple, your job is done.

Talking Points

If you are part of an individual political campaign, most campaign managers share a list of talking points that cover your candidate's mandate. They limit them to just a few so as to not confuse the volunteer. The reasoning for each talking point is spelled out to leave very little room for improvisation.

Give GOTV A Go

This phone call is important, be helpful without being pushy:

Hello, is [VOTER NAME] there?

Hi! This is [CALLER NAME] calling from the Rock The Vote.
We helped you register to vote at your local school back in August.

We wanted to thank you again for registering and wanted to remind you about the election on the 8th of November.
Can we count on you to go vote on the 8th?


Great! We’ve been calling other voters and it sounds like a lot of people in your community will be voting this year. It’s an important election, and we’re so excited that you’ll have the chance to stand up for our community by casting a vote.

Do you know when you might go to vote on Tuesday? In the morning, afternoon, evening? Do you have a plan for getting there?


OK, what other information can I provide to you to help make voting a little easier?

I’d be happy to look up your polling place for you or tell you a little more about what to expect at the polls [have polling place hours, required ID info handy].

Can I answer any questions about voting?

Great! Again, thank you for your promise to vote this year.

Be Conversational

Managers try to keep their scripts conversational and in a style close to their voter. The phrasing and language in the script should be similar to that of the voter. If you are talking to a younger voter you can be more casual in your speech while a conversation with an older voter would read completely different. The same goes for states or countries.

Eg: Using words like "Super!" or "Awesome" for a younger voter while using "Great" or "Splendid" with an older voter.

Ask Questions With Simple Answers

This is obvious but keep your questions simple so that the answers will be easy to jot down. Don't combine two questions.

There Are Always More Phones To Ring

If one call goes poorly, take a few moments to think about what went wrong and how you can do better next time, but don’t stress too much about any one particular call.

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