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Political Ad Campaigns: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

As a company who work with political campaigns from across the globe, we are familiar with the various type of candidates out there, be it the local politician running for Council in your town or the next President of the United States. As you can imagine there can sometimes be gulfs between the budgets of these candidates. You can’t compete in the top tier of politics in the US without knowing a couple of millionaires and what you need to spend to just compete would make your heart skip a beat. Smaller, grassroots campaigns, on the other hand, are run off tight budgets and the hard work of possibly as little as 10 people. Politics is a hard game and that is why we take our hats off to anyone who is willing to give it a go.

We give top marks for efforts and here are a few videos that certainly caught our eye.

It sounds like Michael Healy-Rae wanted to land a No.1 on iTunes!

Make the Diff takes all the good that is Irish country music and crashes it right into politics. We are pretty sure that Nathan Carter may feel threatened at the catchiness of this tune. The current sitting TD for Kerry South, Mr Healy-Rae’s song has been described as a mixture of rap and country and western. It really is important to us that politicians can inject a bit of humour even when discussing how you “are flat to the mat" with constituency work.

### Hillary making sure we all know she is the only important woman running

As we travel across the Atlantic to watch the biggest election in the world take place this year, we look at the only woman on the Democratic side. Labelled a dead cert by many for the nomination until Bernie Sanders unveiled his magical powers, Clinton now realises she has a fight on her hands.

This ad by Clinton's campaign doesn’t do anything particularly different, she, like many others is fighting for all Americans (well maybe not Trump) and boy, can you hear it in her voice (Insert passionate croaking in voice over).

Powerful images? Check. Powerful captions? Check. Awesome blue power suit? Absolutely Check!

Chris Christy blames Obama for everything, like we mean everything.

So he may be a slightly little fish in a not-so-little pond but it seems Governor Chris Christy is coming out swinging, well kinda. His latest ad opens with a clip of Iranians burning US flags with him narrating how the current President is all to blame for this. Playing on people's emotions, Christie acts like this hasn't been done before.

Like a lesson straight out of Propaganda 101, Christie compares himself to Ronald Reagan. This ad encompasses what all great politcial campaign ads should, a “me, me, me” spectacular.

The Trump ad, as if we’d leave this out

Making Christie look like a boy scout, Donald Trump shuns the light-hearted Irish ads in favour of a more “absolutely terrifying” angle. 41 seconds of fear mongering tactics will make you think you are living in a video game, Trump is doing what he does best, making a soap opera out of real issues which face the public.

“We will make America great again” - Well Donald, it’s safe to say you’ve a task on your hands after watching video!

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