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Thinking & Talking Political Campaigning in 2018

We began 2017 pontificating about lost elections, surprise results and positive political campaigning strategies for the future.


Or frankly, 2017 was wrong. It was all shades of wrong. Politicians in the US were left scratching their heads, endlessly. Many Democrats questioned how Trump was still President despite being in the news every day for some new ‘scandal’, Republicans questioned how much more a President could absorb for being in the news every day for all the wrong reasons, fake news reigned supreme or did it, we don’t really know anymore? Europe was a melting pot of discontent, having taken up the mantle from the unhappy United States, the Brexit subplot continued, not really taking center stage until late November, causing the DUP, Theresa May and the Irish government to have endless phone calls, thus running up an obnoxious bill. Separatism reared its head in Spain, and what an ugly head it turned out to be, seeing violent riots in Catalonia in October. It seems to have been put to bed for now (another election in a few weeks) but everything wakes from hibernation at some stage so we await the “tbc” to this narrative in 2018.

We are in the middle of preparing a 2018 cheat sheet for political campaigners and candidates alike, but it’s hard to predict the future, especially in politics. So what handy advice can we bestow to you going into 2018?

Back To Basics

We can help you with a few things that we have a bit of expertise in, and they are the following;

Campaign Teams

These guys are going to be your backbone, ya it’s gonna be slow at the start, mainly friends and family, but have patience. We love people who sign up to use Ecanvasser with 5 campaign team members and then over the duration of a couple of weeks, we see them adding new members. It always happens, we’ve seen it from working with over 500 campaigns.

Keep your core tight and remember your position on the political campaign ladder. If you're not a Bernie Sanders, that’s ok. Paddle your own canoe and appeal to your neighbors and people in your workplace to join your campaign first. Start local, go nationwide later if you are so lucky.


Who are you targeting, it could be anyone in your constituency? A simple way to start this process is to get your hands on a voter file or electoral register. It’s then a case of marking off the people who will vote for you over your competition. That's the basic fundamentals of any election.

We love when it gets complicated, you know, when people have detailed voter files and loads of information on their voters. It shows us that the candidates actually cares and has put in work. Don’t worry, we can help you in this department.

Voter Contact

To build a detailed voter file and to make sure that you earn votes, you have to touch base with the people in your constituency. Candidates must build relationships and communicate effectively in order to maximize the opportunity that election time brings. Research suggests that face to face canvassing is one of the most effective forms of campaigning that can be done. So, sign up to use Ecanvasser now!


Want to really know how the people in your voter file think? Analyse the interactions you’ve had with them. Ecanvasser generates key metrics about your constituency. Easily identify voter trends and issues based on voter feedback. For further analysis, you can export your data to Excel.


There is a widely held belief among elected officials that messaging matters and that the messages parties choose plays an important role in the public’s response. President Obama in 2012 stated: “The mistake of my first term … was thinking that this job was just about getting the policy right. And that’s important. But the nature of this office is also to tell a story to the American people that give them a sense of unity and purpose and optimism, especially during tough times.”

This is true, and we should learn from this. Use the feedback you are getting from your canvassing sessions to frame your campaign message. Ask the people and show them you are listening to them by offering a solution.

All that being said, are you interested in becoming a leader in 2018? Contact Ecanvasser

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