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Texting Apps For Political Campaigning

Scaling person-to-person contact to win elections

When told us about one of their latest features we were delighted to share its functionality with you guys. Check out our latest guest post from the team.

Collective Texting

Real conversations with voters are what helps convert them to supporters, and from there, to campaign donors. The most personal form of conversation is face to face. If that is out of bounds at the moment, you’re best bet is to call or text them.

Why not email?

While personalization was making strides in the realms of email, people got better at recognizing when they were just another name on a mass email list. And they got better at ignoring those messages. The simplest solution? Have staff members individually message all your contacts, not perfectly tailored templates; personal messages with a rough-around-the-edges authenticity that people can relate to.

So what medium embodies that authenticity? Texting, plain and simple.

Advantages of texting

Text messaging is light on your budget and strong on returns. A look at the statistics for SMS open and response rates clearly puts it above other forms of communication. Industry trends indicate that texting has a 98% read rate. At such a high delivery rate, it makes incredible sense to communicate with voters and volunteers through texting.

Peer to Peer

Peer to peer texting or P2P texting is a method of texting contacts with the effort of sending the texts shared among volunteers. That way, every text sent is custom, not automated while maintaining a very high send rate. Because there is an actual person “texting” and I‘m using quotes, the opt-in is not required.

How Bernie Sanders won at Grassroots organizing

Peer to Peer texting is one of the most effective, affordable forms of voter contact. The Bernie Sanders campaign used it to great success in recruiting volunteers, raising money and getting out the vote.

How you can take advantage?

Collective Texting isn’t just for big organizing. It works just as well for smaller campaigns too. If a significant percentage of your voters are older, a better medium to reach them is through their phones. Email just doesn’t work as they aren’t comfortable reading and responding.

Younger voters, who don’t have landlines, respond better to texts. They see it as just as personal but not invasive as a phone call. Collective texting is pay as you go. No matter how few or how many contacts you have, you can always fit it into your budget.

Use cases

Peer to peer texting is effective at every stage of your campaign. Check out Callhub's guide on P2P texting tips for every voter below.

Read Collective Texting guide

  1. Recruit volunteers
  2. Fundraising
  3. Voter identification
  4. Voter contact
  5. GOTV

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