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Political Campaign Training

Our political campaign training program is FINALLY up and running and we are hugely excited to be taking our knowledge on the road (well, the road that is the internet!). We have built-up an incredible amount of tips and tricks over the years, working on over 4,000 campaigns, helping people run for office. To kick us off, we have partnered with talented consultants Publitics based in New Jersey to help you conquer any obstacle your campaign may face.

A recent client of ours who was running for City Council was a typical example of a lot of people we speak to regularly. She was short on time and budget, and even though it wasn’t her first time running, she did feel that there was a significant amount of experience missing from her campaign team. Things like digital advertising, data analysis, fundraising and GOTV were just the tip of the iceberg. Running for office is a job that requires a broad skill-set and a lot of local campaigns do not have all these skills.

She also felt frustrated at how few options were out there for her to learn these skills in advance, so we decided to take action because it really is time that the political tech industry helped their clients with these challenges and allows them to fight their election on an equal footing with their competitors.

Series title: How to run for office

Duration: Four 1.5 hour webinars starting the second Tuesday of each month.
Cost: $199 including all course materials. Submit your info below to hear more!


Reasons to get educated

Why have we moved from building the best political technology on the market to now delivering training programs for candidates and parties?

Our core mission at Ecanvasser is to help people who are running for office to do so effectively. We have built the tools for them to do that but now we want to deliver the know-how that comes from having worked on over 4,000 campaigns to guide candidates into creating and implementing strategies that are proven to work. A 2018 poll conducted by The Campaign Workshop surveyed campaign managers after the mid-term cycle and found that the biggest success cited was investing in voter contact and door-knocking. The biggest mistake cited was starting too late and not doing enough field work.

This training program focuses on 4 key areas for any campaigner or candidate: Campaign set-up, digital operations, field work, and GOTV. Getting these elements right should set you on course to victory in your election. Here is a bullet list of the topics covered in each of the modules:

Campaign set-up and strategy

- Initial research and vote goal calculation
- Team assembly
- Messaging and key issues
- Technology and infrastructure
- Declaring and communications strategy

Digital campaigning

- Social media 
- Digital ad spend and budgeting
- Websites, events and fundraising online
- Digital infrastructure for managing your campaign
- Voter CRMs

Field operations

- Voter mapping 
- Insights and strategic targeting
- Turf cutting and assignment
- Canvassing apps
- Returning data analysis for GOTV
- Canvasser management and tracking

Get out the vote

- Setting up your GOTV operations
- Team roles
- Real-time tracking of voters
- Outreach tools for GOTV
- Targeted advertising
- Campaign breakdown and thank you’s

How to run for office is available to all candidates or political operatives regardless of party allegiance or geography. If you want to get elected and need to have the type of knowledge that a political consultant has, then sign up and get your campaign on the right footing.

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