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Ambitious organizations go digital

When I think about what a political organization should look like in 2019, I think data - reams of it. Stored somewhat neatly on an excel file on a computer that maybe only a handful of people in the setup have/want access. It seems simple, reducing the importance of an entire organization to one simple thing - data. Naturally, data itself is a complex issue and more so the way we handle it.

What I imagine a political organization should look like and the actual reality of it, are sadly, not a match - yet. Don't get me wrong, some parties have restructured, it's easier for the new emerging powers compared to their traditional counterparts. The phrase, "can’t teach an old dog new tricks comes to mind", on the flip side, some more traditional outfits have seen the benefits and know in the long term, the change will be worth it.

Why go digital?

Better connectivity! You will never be able to grow your organization in a coordinated way if each branch remains detached and operates completely independently. Do you ever see the LA Lakers train separately and hope that on Game Day it works out? A digital infrastructure framework allows you to be in sync with your counterparts but also keep a unique kind of autonomy.


If you are serious about listening to the greater community - it simply must be through digital means. Putting something in the calendar means "the cloud" nowadays and not the one hanging off the kitchen wall. The drive for transformation is coming from grassroots operatives that are actually doing the work on the frontline. They are the ones who want digital tools so the work they are doing is being heard, analyzed and acted upon.

Many parties refer to this trend as digital democracy, they are using internal systems that allow members to prose and vote on issues for governance. Citizen participation projects are allowing city residents to input how to budget are spent or how legislation proceeds. Digital transformation in the long term means you are saving money, your data is protected and the main one, more votes on election day so you can stay on top.

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