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Feature Release: Leader Divisions and Map View

Distributed network for political parties

Ever since we launched our political party software, Leader, we have been listening to feedback to see how we can improve it. We are delighted to announce the next exciting stage in development, Leader Divisions, and Leader Map View. If you ever wanted to see what a political organisation looked like from one dashboard then this is the answer.


Leader Divisions is the layer of organisational control parties need that sits in between HQ and the local constituencies. It gives regional or state managers oversight and control over their local constituencies so they can do their job effectively. At the same time HQ can still have oversight on all Divisions and local campaigns.
This structure better reflects the reality for political parties operating at national or state level and it gives them the ability to control and manage the entire organisation better.

Map view

Leader Map now shows HQ the entire organisation on a map with individual divisions and local constituencies clearly visible. Divisional managers also have a map view of their local chapters. And, of course, your standard Ecanvasser campaigns give local managers map views of all their constituents. This visual representation of the organisation as a whole allows you to understand your communities better and to take actions based on what you are seeing.

If you’d like to read the technical support documentation just click here.

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