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Top Political Software Tools

Best political software tools

What’s the best political software on the market? There really is no correct answer to this as they all offer something. Determining the best system for your campaign is more about knowing what you need rather than what anyone one toolkit can provide. Check out our list to see what we think is best.

Best for… Community

NationBuilder distinguishes itself as an online tool offering web database, payment processing and email functionality. NationBuilder, true to form, offers all these wonderful features but finds itself as the popular choice amongst campaign managers for its focus on grassroots community. At NationBuilder they aim to facilitate strong relationship growth with its supporters. Their goal is to get people to engage in a movement and help future leaders grow this movement. Their unified platform allows anyone to champion a campaign correctly and efficiently.

The user has the ability to create and manage a website; to manage supporters and create donation pages, petitions, to engage visitors and supporters through integrated social media and content tools.

Best for… Management

Campaign Manager- Aristotle pride themselves on products with a strong database structure and data warehousing for PAC so it comes as no shock that Aristotle Campaign Manager is a fan favorite for management. Marketed as a fundraising donor management and compliance reporting tool, Campaign Manager has many key components including Online donation pages optimized for mobile devices and Facebook and compliance reports streamlined with save and e-file ability. Using Campaign Manager you can also send and track email campaigns with better communication tools. You can use it on any kind of campaign and breath easy that your data is securely stored on the cloud.

Best for… Fundraising

Thanks to Twitter + Square, fundraising has never been so easy. Last month Twitter partnered with payments service Square to allow its users to donate to political candidates via tweets. Political candidates sign up for accounts through Square Cash and then their campaigns can tweet the donation button and request donations from supporters. US presidential candidates such as Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are already signed up, surprisingly Trump and Jeb Bush have yet to install such buttons. While all this will obviously lead to more Square Cash sign-ups, it will also encourage candidates to keep tweeting until the race for the White House is over. This partnership of Twitter and Square is the first of its kind which harnesses the power of mobile payments.

Best for… Canvassing

Ok so we might be a bit biased here but bear with us. Canvassing was a continual source of frustration for founder Brendan Finucane in his previous guise as a campaigner and candidate. Ecanvasser was born out of a need to gain better insights from the rich conversations on doorsteps but it was also developed to strengthen democracy by making voters heard by the candidate. Ecanvasser takes the stress out of door-to-door canvassing. A mobile app allows canvassers to navigate walk lists easily and automatically syncs the data collected to campaign HQ. This allows field directors to get the most out of their ground game.


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