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How to use Ecanvasser on Election Day: Poll Striking

The hard work that comes with a campaign doesn't just suddenly end on Election Day, as a matter of fact, the day we go to the polls is the most used day for Ecanvasser software.

If this is your first time hearing about Ecanvasser, then here is what you need to know. We are a Canvassing & Voter Management Software system which aims to make the entire campaign process easier. Organizing voter data is simplified through our dashboard and mobile phone apps.

At its core Ecanvasser is powered by one thing, that is the Voter file and it is through this data that we can capitalize when the canvassers are out knocking on doors.

People are always asking how they can use Ecanvasser on polling day and here is our best practice:

Upload Process

Initially, when you are uploading your voter file onto the Ecanvasser dashboard, you have the option of Adding a Column.

Click Add Column, Call the column Poll Striking, set all fields to NO.

Out On A Canvass

Before you go door knocking - Add a Custom Field which you can name GOTV or Supporting Our Candidate, depending what information you want to gather.

Use the Yes/No option for answers and make it a required field. This means when a canvass is taking place, this question must be answered.

End Game

The day has arrived and you want to be able to pinpoint all the people who told you they would vote and still have not appeared at the polls?

Perfect, this is where all your hard work pays off.

You have your campaign staff situated at various polling stations marking off each person on the Poll Striking field in the app, so in other words, changing people from No to a Yes.

This is then synched back to HQ, where your Campaign Manager can filter out the people who answered Yes to GOTV and the people still marked No on the Poll Striking field.

You can then assign specific campaign staffers to recanvass these individuals to encourage them to go vote. We like to think of it as a little helpful boost to the polling stations!

Is it labor intensive? Yes.

Is it worth it? Absolutely!

It could be the difference between 5% more of the electorate turning out to vote for your candidate or not.

Learn more about Ecanvasser and how we can help you by writing in the chat box below.

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