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Latest Ecanvasser Product Release: Go App

Introducing Go - Ecanvasser


Our new mobile app Go will mean you no longer need to be tied down to voter lists and databases. With Go, you can conduct surveys anytime, anywhere. Canvassing with Go has never been easier and it allows you to make instant connections with people anywhere from the shopping centres to the street.


Go has many features, including, capturing the reception of the public on certain topics. Having access to instant feedback whilst out in the field will only help strenghten your messaging for your operations further down the line. Capturing an e-signature may be seen as an advantage in some territories but now in Europe it is a must with recent GDPR legislation being introduced.


When a canvass is complete you will be able to see high quality analytics and all this information will sync back to HQ. Our new app is full of gamified features so the user experience has also never been better, simply log in and canvass instantaneously.


Download Go here

Get out in the community and starting building great relationships now.
Don't forget to tag us in any canvassing activity with the hashtag #GoApp.

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