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Product Update: Canvasser Scoreboard

“If we can make the experience better, we will!”

Campaigning and canvassing, while super rewarding, can often be labor intensive and done voluntarily.

We recently spoke to a campaign manager who recruited nearly 100 volunteers to his candidate's campaign. They were campaigning on behalf of a local candidate who really wanted to make a difference in her community but her team had tonnes of ground to cover in a short space of time.

With this pressure evident, the campaign manager wanted to make sure each canvasser was focused, while, at the same time enjoying their daily grind!


And so the canvasser scoreboard was born!

The latest Ecanvasser dashboard feature update will now help keep your canvassers motivated through a new gamified scoreboard feature. It also allows the campaign management back at HQ to get a better overview of how the canvassing teams are performing.


You can even customize each canvasser with a profile picture so each team member is recognisable, we know in huge campaigns this is essential!

Our scoreboard will allow you to see the amount of canvasses attempted by each individual canvasser or campaign team. They will then be ranked 1 through 10 etc, depending on your campaign team size. A bit of healthy competition never hurt anyone!


Sign up for Ecanvasser today to make sure you have the best campaign experience this year!

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