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Product Update: Customize Your Canvassing App

Building your own canvassing app might sound a bit daunting, but Ecanvasser users are in for a treat!

Real Time Change

To help campaign managers and organizers become brilliant out in the field, we have recently updated our dashboard to help you visualize what your mobile app will look like even before your download it.


Customize your canvassing app to make sure it looks and feels exactly how you want it to and watch it change in real time.

This cool feature can now be found under the "Customize" tab on your dashboard. We want to make it easier for managers to prioritize the fields that canvassers need to see when they are out in the field doing door to door outreach.

It takes the stress out of the canvassing and canvassers become more confident and reach their milestones with ease as a result.

Build A Better Team

Use the "Preview as" feature to visualize how your app will appear for the various roles within your team. This is especially useful, for example, when voter data security is important to you, and you want to restrict "edit", "add" or "delete" access to specific roles. We have conveniently moved the Permissions Settings to this same page, so now you can change configure the role based permission settings and confirm this change instantaneously in the app preview

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