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Product Update: Introducing Leader R2

Leader by Ecanvasser give you a comprehensive overview of your entire distributed organization.


This week we are happy to share with our users Leader V2 - the newest version of Leader. Experience the power of your organization from the top level and break down how each individual campaign is performing on our new Global Analytics page.

When we say Global, we mean an aspect of your operation that will span across each of your campaigns. Something that will exist in global view such a mandatory field on every single canvassers mobile app such as volunteer or a required survey that each campaign needs to complete.

Save time

You can now also customize your mobile app interface from our customize tab which means all your campaigns can be pre-setup which saves time for your Organization leader.


Leader by Ecanvasser is the perfect solution if you want to run multiple campaigns across different regions all from one dashboard view.

It also means you can react at a National level by sending talking points to each individual campaign at any time of the day.


Why Leader will work for you?

Regional and National organizations can coordinate their campaign efforts easily by building multi-constituency campaigns under a Leader account. This means HQ can view aggregated data on all their constituencies and campaigns, and can compare and contrast these to learn what is working best for their organization.


The new customize feature means that setup at scale is hassle-free. Global talking points and surveys can now be pushed in bulk across your campaigns which allows for consistency across campaigns.

Remember your organizational network is your greatest asset.

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